Hi, I’m Josh,
The Family Finance Guy

Dad and step-dad to four incredible kids, financial adviser, author, media commentator and beach lover.

My work as a financial adviser and life experiences have taught me many things. Not least of which is the constant juggle of priorities and responsibilities busy parents face. There’s your career and work, kids to raise, taxi around, and a relationship to maintain. Not to mention trying to find time to stay fit and healthy, socialise, be there for friends and family and chip in at the local sports club, school committee or charity. Oh, and trying to make time to get some decent sleep. Sound familiar?

These competing demands can lead to a life that’s a hot mess of frantic survival. This led me to write my book and invest my time and energy in helping busy parents create the life they truly want. To achieve financial freedom, a better lifestyle, balance and all the happiness and success you desire for yourself and your family.

What Parents Want

A guide to achieving financial freedom, life balance and family happiness.

In What Parents Want, I share lessons that can only come from hindsight, life experience and the benefit of seeing the repeating trends, needs and wants of the many busy parents I have advised over the years.

These lessons allowed me to create a clear set of easy-to-follow models and methods you can use to put the building blocks in place that will allow you to achieve financial freedom.

Tools that will enable you and your family to move from confusion and busyness to a sense of flow, calmness and clarity, create a clear vision for the future and a pathway to get yourself there (in the most efficient and effective way). Ultimately allowing you to increase your wealth, reduce your stress and lead a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

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What people are saying about the book

‘A thoughtful, easy-to-read guide on growing your wealth and enjoying the “now” without foregoing life’s treats and managing family demands. Josh’s depth of experience as a financial adviser and working parent sets this book apart from others.’

– Sarah

‘Amazing book for busy, working parents. Really helped us get a clear understanding of what we can do with our money and planning, but also how we can grow our wealth and become financially secure. Very relatable and easy to read.’

– Jo 
Get your copy of What Parents Want

Tips and tricks to help you achieve financial freedom, lifestyle balance and a happier, more fulfilling life.

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