With separation and divorce comes significant financial upheaval and change. How you divide the property pool and the assets you ultimately hold on to, all have a big impact on your financial wellbeing and lifestyle.

We’ve compiled these tools and resources to help you navigate this difficult time, make informed decisions and come out the other side in the best possible financial position.

Financial and property settlement checklist

This simple checklist is designed to provide a starting point for navigating the financial considerations and decisions that lay ahead, by helping you to:

  • Work out what is in the property pool.
  • Determine your income and lifestyle needs.
  • Workout which assets you want to hold on to.
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Financial advice for separation and divorce

Don’t wait until after settlement to start your financial advice journey. This package will provide you with the support and information you need to make smart decisions and plan for your future while you negotiate your settlement, including:

  • What’s in the property pool
  • Where you stand financially
  • How you can overcome any immediate financial stresses or hurdles
  • The short and long-term financial benefit of holding different assets
  • Your future income and spending needs
  • Next steps and actions
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Income and expense calculator

This simple budget planner will help you to work out what your future financial position could look like.

It will help you to estimate your future:

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • What’s left to play with
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Netwealth calculator

Use this calculator to calculate your networth and get a clear picture of your overall financial position. It will allow you to see your:

  • Assets and what they’re worth – overall and individually
  • Debts and liabilities
  • Your total networth.
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Family Law Business Valuations

As a practice that specialises in family law business valuations, we can help you avoid the delays and issues that often come with their preparation and prepare a comprehensive valuation report that includes:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the business’s performance
  • Detailed review of last three years financial statements
  • Comparative data comparing similar businesses, full financial calculations and reasonings to support the valuation.
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