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How $3.9 Trillion will impact divorcees

Generational transfer of wealth The first baby boomers began retiring in 2006 and now there are 120,000 people retiring annually in Australia and rising. Baby boomers represent approximately 25%of the Australian population, and 55% of total wealth. Today, there are more 65-year-olds than 1-year olds! We have entered the greatest transfer of wealth in the history

The Importance of Divorcees moving from Financial Confusion to Financial Clarity

At the start of a divorce process, one or both parties often have a significant amount of financial confusion. This could include being confused about: What their historical financial details were if they had little to do with managing the household finances during the marriage. What their current financial details are given they may be

Where to now? How a ‘crystal ball’ helps divorcees plan their future

Divorce and separation is of course extremely challenging at any age. It leads to a significant change and reshuffle of someone’s financial situation and life overall. It can often knock people off their axis, making them feel unstable and lacking clarity about where they are now and where they are heading. This of course can

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