This is your time

and we are here to help you make the most of it

After a lifetime of work and looking after everyone else, it’s your time to do the things you love, pursue your passions, enjoy new hobbies and interests, travel, give back and enjoy the moments in life that matter.

But, making sure you invest and manage your money wisely and make the right choices and decisions at the right time, is the key to ensuring you can enjoy and sustain your lifestyle over the years to come.

At Prosper Advisory, we help many retirees to manage and invest their savings across a broad range of quality, tax-effective investments that provide them with the  income, security and freedom they need to enjoy life after work.

Financial planning, advice and management that’s about more than just making money

We are a full-service financial advisory practice that focuses on the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what’ – because we believe it’s what financial success helps you to achieve personally that matters most.

It generally looks something like this:


Find clarity

We start with what matters most to you and what you want from life now you have more time to enjoy it. This typically involves:

  • Lifestyle planning
  • Defining your Income needs and requirements

Create a pathway

Next, our financial planners design a strategy that will allow you to do the things you want to do in retirement and maintain and enjoy your lifestyle. This involves:

  • Developing a long-term investment strategy, appropriate to your risk appetite and stage of life
  • Structuring your affairs and investments tax-effectively
  • Modelling income and draw-down strategies, to enable you to live the life the way you want
  • Superannuation and fund management strategies
  • Factoring in other goals, like helping children or grandchildren financially
  • Estate and future planning



Make it happen

Taking care of everything, we manage the process and liase with the various entities to ensure your plan is actioned as it should be. This includes:

  • All account and policy applications
  • Rollovers and transfers
  • Compliance and legislative checks
  • Setup of investment accounts, platforms and portfolios

Build your wealth

Applying a smart and strategic approach to investing and managing your money, we focus on helping you maintain and enjoy your lifestyle.

  • Portfolio reporting
  • Investment management
  • Tax-effective investment strategies
  • Cashflow management
  • Goal tracking
  • Annual strategy review meetings
  • Access to your advice team as and when you need it



Live Better

With us in your corner, managing your finances and taking care of all the details, you have the financial freedom to enjoy this exciting stage of your life, do the things you want to do and focus on the things that matter most to you.


‘In these uncertain times, Josh is a voice of reason and calm. He gently suggests strategies for investments in a way that I feel I have a balanced portfolio with a long-term strategy.

It’s reassuring to know my plans for an independent retirement are a reality. While I expect financial advisors to have the technical ability, Josh adds a personal dimension with his ability to gain rapport and engage in a meaningful relationship.’ 


Josh is the ‘go to guy’ when it comes to wealth and financial management issues. In such uncertain financial times I have the comfort of having Josh looking after my financial requirements and keeping me abreast of what I need to know.

I have great confidence in recommending Josh as a financial advisor as I know from my own experience the high calibre of service and attention he delivers.’

Is Prosper Advisory the right partner for you?

Your time and money is precious. The last thing we want to do is waste it.

For this reason, we only partner with clients, if and when, we are confident that the value we will deliver will far outweigh the cost of our services.

This means you need to be in a position where you have a significant amount of money or superannuation to invest. If you’re not there, that’s ok. You may like to take a look at wealth building and budgeting tools.

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