Our Personalised Wealth Builder App

Have you ever been overcome by the confusion that can set-in when you try to keep track of all of your bank accounts, assets, investments, debts and expenses? Some of us would prefer the frustration of trying to solve a rubix cube than navigating through the maze of our personal portfolio. Red lines and green lines, this goes here and that goes there. It’s just scary!

Money Confusion

Wouldn’t you prefer if you had everything in one centralised location that you can see at the click of a button? We know we do and that’s why we give our clients access to their own personalised wealth app. This allows us to easily track inflows and outflows of cash through ALL accounts, as well as keep track of all Assets and Debts in one location. FINALLY we have found an easy way to track your net worth and set the best financial strategies going into the future.

Net Worth

The backbone to any financial strategy is knowing how much surplus cash flow you have to put toward the strategy. Whether you want to pay down debts, such as your credit card or home loan OR you want to start investing into property, share markets or cryptocurrencies… You need to know what you can allocate toward this. It’s easy to set a target by saying I want to only spend X, but how do you keep track of it? Our app gives up to date reporting of your cash flows and uses Artificial Intelligence to learn what category expenses go into. Why do we love this? Because it reduces the fiddling around and gives up-to-date, accurate reporting of expense lines. You might see businesses do this, well we allow our clients to run their own lives like it is a business, without employing the accounting and back-end staff a business does. Once you set your target and track your expenses, you can set a realistic plan and start getting yourself ready for the future.


So if you’re sick of trying to keep track of everything and want to take your finances out of the ‘too hard’ basket, reach out to see how we use technology to empower our clients to be proactive about their future.