Business Risk for Partnerships

We work with you and your business partners to establish and explore funding options for your buy/sell agreement needs.

What are the risks

Our Business Risk service takes into account the specific risks to your business to ensure that you are protected.

Through this service you will learn:

  • how your business is positioned to handle these risks;
  • how you may be able to fund these risk exposures;
  • how to protect yourself, your family and business partners from an unexpected exit from the business;
  • review or establish your business succession plan; and
  • how to fund this succession plan.

What to ask yourself

  • Have you looked into your business succession plan?
  • Do you have an existing buy/sell agreement?
  • Do you know how you will fund this agreement?
  • What impact would an illness of a key staff member have on your business?
  • How would your business cope if an owner had to suddenly exit the business?

Protecting your business and family: Buy Sell Agreements & Funding for business partnerships

If you are in partnership with someone, a very important reason to get a business valuation completed is to understand and agree what your business is truly worth and therefore how you can protect this valuable asset if unexpected events occur.

Please watch this two minute video to understand what’s at stake and how to easily protect your business and family:

Have you had prior issues obtaining Buy Sell Insurance?

Sometimes due to prior health issues or other reasons, some partners may not be able to obtain insurance via the traditional insurers and process. Ask us about a unique option we have access to which could ensure all partners and your business are adequately protected.

What we offer

We offer a complimentary meeting with an adviser who will work with you to understand your business, the risks that it faces prior to taking up our offering.

Following this we will be able to provide you with a plan that will outline the key risks faced by your business, the methods in which your business would be able to cope with these risks and strategies to handle any remaining risk exposures.

To make an obligation free enquiry about your business and it’s insurance needs please click the link for our 15 minute phone meeting on the right hand side of this page.

Business Risk Survey

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