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Josh, Stefan and the team at Prosper have been an absolute pleasure to deal with in introducing their Thrive program to Wood & Grieve Engineers. Being engineers, we naturally had many questions about the ins and outs of the program that was being offered wanting to ensure that Thrive is a credible and quality product to expose our staff to. Needless to say that the Prosper team have been energetic, communicative and extremely knowledgeable about the product offering. I am personally excited to join the program and enjoy the forthcoming health and well-being benefits.

John Lucchetti, Principal, Wood & Grieve Engineers (Large National Engineering Firm)

Individuals & Couples

Do you or your partner struggle for motivation to consistently exercise or follow healthy eating & lifestyle habits?

Or are you the opposite, keeping in shape, eating well, on top of your mental and physical health & wish you could be rewarded for all the great things you are doing?

Either way, the team members at Prosper Advisory have first hand experience in both of the above camps & we have been blown away by the health, motivational & financial benefits of this program for over 3 years. So much so, that we now offer it to our individual clients as well as on a group basis to numerous companies such as Lawyers, Engineers, Fund Managers, Property Specialists, Medical Professionals & the list goes. (See below for the company based offer which might be of interest to your organisation or management).

How does it work:

  • You receive points & a status for healthy habits such as exercise (don’t worry even walking gets you points), being a non smoker, filling out simple short online questionnaires, watching short videos, tracking your food intake once every 3 months, seeing your GP/Dentist, getting a flu vaccination or other medical checks done. You have a private account login & can choose what you do & go at your own pace.
  • It’s all very simple & managed via a phone app, website & easy to use technology & processes. It’s not time consuming & often you get points for things you were already doing such as your general walking each day, or seeing your GP or Dentist.
  • You get rewarded via huge benefits such as up to – 50% off Qantas & Jetstar flights, $650 pa per person in gift cards to Myer, JB Hifi, Rebel Sport, Woolworths & Caltex, 50% off Endota Spa, 50% off Jaggad Fitness Apparrel, 50%+ off Hoyts & Hoyts Lux cinema tickets, up to $1,000 pa off some of the major gym chains such as Virgin Active, Anytime Fitness, Fitness First, huge discounts off wearable fitness tech such as Fitbits & Garmin devices & the list goes on. You can also collect your free weekly Boost Juice (or use it to keep the kids quiet on a shopping trip like we do) for meeting your weekly exercise targets.
  • We provide you with a free comparison & needs analysis of your/your family’s personal insurance needs. No cost or obligation to simply have a look at it in more detail. Then if you put in place a policy with a premium of only $300 pa (almost everyone is paying more for that in premiums via their superannuation) for one of life/disability/trauma or income protection insurance then you can be on the program. Many premiums are tax deductible & can be partially funded via your existing superannuation plan.

How to get Started – Simply email or phone 03 9557 7654 & mention this part of our website to request your free assessment. We service clients across Australia.

Business Owner or HR/People & Culture Manager?

There is no cost to the business for this program. It’s FREE. To improve your business & the benefits provided to your team, contact us or download the program summary here. To discuss it further simply email or phone 03 9557 7654. We provide this program on a group basis to numerous companies such as Lawyers, Engineers, Fund Managers, Property Specialists, Medical Professionals & the list goes.

Your business is losing money & good people:

Absenteeism comes at a cost of:

  • 88,000,000 days of lost work each year in the Australian economy
  • $27,500,000,000 in sick leave costs and lost productivity in the Australian economy
  • that is $2,741.00 PER EMPLOYEE EVERY YEAR in YOUR business.

Presenteeism comes at a cost of:

  • $34,100,000,000 each year in the Australian economy
  • that is 6.5 days of LOST PRODUCTIVITY PER EMPLOYEE EVERY YEAR in YOUR business.

We offer companies our FREE Prosper ‘Thrive’ program which can:

  • save you tens of thousands of dollars a year through reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
  • energise & improve the health of your team members so they are happier & more productive
  • boost your profits & financial results
  • help you build you an amazing culture
  • grow staff loyalty
  • ensure you are known as a great place to work so you can attract and retain great talent
  • cut costs associated with HR issues, recruitment, staff departures/training

“Growing better teams and businesses”


This is the motto of the Prosper ‘Thrive’ Program. We work with professional services firms and companies across various industries by providing this engaging & valuable program. Your team members receive numerous free rewards and benefits for making healthy choices and actions.  A FREE fitbit, huge discounts & vouchers for Qantas flights, cinema tickets, gym memberships, personal insurances, healthy foods and up to $650 per year in vouchers for JB Hifi, Myer, Caltex, Rebel Sport, Woolworths & many other rewards. Team members partners can get involved too if you want to really consolidate a great team.  You and the team also have access to a great mobile app, website and support. All the exercise/health improvement data is accessible via individual logins & the company can also use this to run competitions if they wish. It all ensures better results for your team members and the business in terms of personal and business health and finances. 

To find out more contact us or download the program summary here. Simply let us know if you would like to discuss this.

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