FBOM – Family Business Owners Melbourne

Family Business Owners Melbourne (FBOM) is our unique & ‘fun’ suite of business advisory & accounting services. We exclusively help family owned businesses to:

  • Achieve better financial results!
  • Enjoy their business more!
  • Have a happier family life!

In it’s different forms, our business has provided accounting, taxation and business advisory services to business owners for more than seventy years.  In the last 5-10 years in particular, we noticed a trend that many of our clients receiving our business advisory services were people who:

  • Ran a family owned business
  • Were SME’s, that is their businesses were turning over $2m+ and/or employed 10 or more people
  • They were successful in business, yet remained very grounded, friendly and down to earth people
  • In nearly all cases they were heavily involved in their local communities in some way or another
  • They were people we really enjoyed working with due to the above traits and characteristics

In realising these common threads amongst our business advisory clients, we wanted to offer a more refined and dedicated service to people just like this.  That is, busy, successful, community minded family business owners.

We also wanted to make it fun and less ‘Accountingy’….yes we are that fun we even make up words!  Hence the playful name of ‘FBOM’.

We chose it because we aren’t your normal old stuffy and boring Accountants. We are a friendly bunch, with personalities and great relationships with our clients. We also know that running a family owned business can be challenging and at times can make you feel like dropping the FBOM. We say, ‘Don’t drop it, join it!

So what’s unique about the way we provide this service? Thanks for asking!

  • Funding from us & a personalised travel consultant to enjoy annual family holidays. Be a family, not just a family business.
  • Upfront quoted, fixed fee billing – Don’t be afraid to call from fear the clock is ticking.
  • A pro active approach to Business Advisory, Accounting, Tax & Wealth solutions.
  • Clear, specific team member contact points when you have questions and need help.
  • A fun & less ‘Accountingy’ approach!
  • A focus on the family & lifestyle results you want from your business.
  • Clear service & fee options so you have choice, receive maximum value & no nasty fee surprises.
  • Specialist Advisers focusing only on family owned businesses with 10+ staff &/or $2m+ pa turnover.
  • Convenience & fee savings if you need SMSF, Insurance, Wealth Management or other advice, access it conveniently via our team.
  • Cutting edge speciality tools, software & processes to boost your results.

Confused about the holiday? Don’t be, part of our engagement includes planning, booking (and some funding from us!) an amazing annual family holiday. Whether that’s just the husband and wife, the kids, multiple generations, whatever and wherever you like….it’s about helping you lock in family time that is not about work or the business. We then love nothing more than sitting down with you to look at your happy snaps to find out how the time off was and what you did to get back to being a family! That’s not very ‘Accountingy’ is it?

To experience a new and better way and to take your family and business life to the next level, don’t drop the FBOM, join it! Contact us on (03) 9557 7654 or email info@prosperadvisory.com.au for your cost and obligation free initial discussion.

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