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Prosper Advisory is my ‘Go to’ when it comes to wealth and financial management issues. In such uncertain
financial times I have had the comfort of having the team looking after my own financial requirements
and needs whilst also keeping me abreast of what I need to know. I have great confidence in
recommending Prosper Advisory for financial advise as I know from my own experience the high calibre of
service and attention they delivers.”

Vince, Client

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Our advisers specialise in working only with specific client types at certain stages of life, to ensure they are experts in the areas that best relate to your needs. Robert Layfield is our adviser specialising in assisting baby boomers and retirees to manage their overall wealth, superannuation and insurance planning needs. We provide goals focused no nonsense financial advice that will help you grow, protect and enjoy your wealth

Age 25-45 - If this is you or your children, please refer to our Young Millionaires Club Page

The Boomers – We put the BOOM into baby boomers retirement plans

We love working with baby boomers. It’s an exciting phase of your life when you have built up some wealth and a career or business. You can turn your attention to wisely planning the future years of your life. We assist baby boomers to:

  • Aim for & implement strategies targeting $1 million or more for retirement
  • Manage existing investment and superannuation portfolios
  • Implement transition to retirement plans which minimise tax and boost superannuation balances
  • Identify & manage strategies to minimise debt before retirement
  • Set retirement plans and targets so you have the peace of mind you are working towards a future of choices, not sacrifices
  • Complete retirement projections so you know what your retirement might look like and can take action now to get better results

The Champions – Self Funded Retirees

You a champion because of all you have achieved and because you are at the phase of life where everyone aspires to be. You have choices about your retirement lifestyle and can fund this yourself without reliance on the ever changing age pension rules. You may enjoy travel, time with family, exploring your passions and hobbies or you may even still be working, but because you want to, not because you have to. They of course are two very different things. Well done on getting to this point!

However – In most cases, you will still have 15,20,30,40 exciting years ahead of you.  That’s why professional advice after building your retirement savings is just as important as when you are building it. We manage significant portfolios of wealth for clients who have been successful in various roles, businesses and industries. We understand how important a nest egg is when you are no longer working to top it up. We work with you to manage your lifestyle requirements and goals so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. We provide investment and portfolio advice that is tailored to your situation and needs and we communicate with you regularly to ensure you feel comfortable, secure and relaxed about your financial future.

Do you have or want to setup a Self Managed Superannuation Fund?

Please refer to the SMSF Scholars page of our website to find out more about the full suite of Accounting and Investment Advisory services we provide to existing SMSF holders, or those interested in setting up a fund.

Personal Protection Advice

We help individuals and families to protect their future goals and livelihood via personal insurances. What would happen if you or your partner could no longer work or had serious health problems? Unfortunately we all know someone who has become ill or even died prematurely or unexpectedly. Protecting against health events can be difficult, but protecting against the financial impact of them is easy. Unfortunately as a nation, Australia is grossly underinsured, so make sure you have the right protections in place. We help you:

  • Calculate how much cover you need and why (Clear debts, cover medical costs, provide future income, cover current and future living costs, pay the school fees and kids costs, ensure you can still have a life and enjoy things such as holidays)
  • Understand the types of cover available and which ones you need (There are four major types: Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection)
  • Compare various potential insurers based on price and quality of cover – We are not affiliated with any insurer so our advice is focused on the best outcome for you
  • Understand the most cost effective ownership structure. Most insurances and associated premiums can be owned and paid for from your superannuation, making it affordable for you to protect yourself and your family. We help you understand your options.

We also provide protection advice to business owners and partnerships to ensure your business and family is protected if you can no longer work in the business. See more here

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