Project your future lifestyle

Would you love to know what your financial & lifestyle future holds?

Would you love to be truly in control of it & give it a significant uplift?

Many people just grind along in the dark, not knowing what they are aiming for or the most efficient strategies or investments to use to create their dream retirement or lifestyle choices.

But there is a better way that creates a massive impact on your results.

One of the best things you can do is run a detailed projection of your future financial position. Benefits include:

1. Being clear on your likely future position so you can:
a) Be confident and have peace of mind. or
b) Get the wake up call you might need to take positive actions and impact that future result.

2. Compare your current projected outcome based on current strategies and investments, against a proposed option of optimised strategies and investments. This can completely transform your future for the better.

3. Know that you have a plan, you are clear on the targets and the actions to take and you can push forward with confidence and motivation.

A summary chart of a projection we ran for a client is below. This graphic shows the growth in wealth leading into retirement through targeted strategies, the amount of income they can draw each year during retirement and that there money will last well past their life expectancy.

This graphic gets supported by volumes of key data and a separate one was also produced for their partner. It gave them great relief and excitement!

So if you want to know and impact your future for a better retirement and life, definitely start with projections and devise a plan from there.

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