Professor Mark P. Umstad
Director of Maternity Services, Royal Women’s Hospital (Parkville, Melbourne)

“The partners of the Prosper Advisory team have managed my accounting, taxation and financial advice for more than 20 years. They have provided an exemplary service for all of this time. They are impeccably honest, entirely reliable, and always available for advice at short notice.”

You already run a successful family business.

But you could use some specific insights and business coaching expertise to help with the future growth of your business.

It’s important to you – and your family – to get it right.

That’s where we step in and work alongside you – offering trusted, strategic guidance in addition to all the accounting and compliance work that needs taking care of.

Why Families in Business?

A Family in Business works alongside our dedicated business coaches, advisors and professional accountants to help shape the future direction of your business.

We’ll help you make the big decisions and look after the small details:

Pro-active strategic advice for business growth

Understanding and growing your businesses value

Accounting, tax & compliance expertise

Business structure optimisation

Goal-setting and accountability

Asset protection

Cashflow and profitability

Minimising business risk

Protecting owners and their families in the event of death or business exit

Preparing for business exit, sale or succession

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Benefits of working with Prosper

We’re much more than accountants – like partners on your business journey

We get to understand your business and family – as if it’s our own

Clear, upfront, fixed monthly charges – no surprises or fears about a clock “ticking”

An open and direct communication line to our specialists – for quicker solutions

Our advisers employ cutting edge speciality tools and software – to streamline
processes, boost your results and save you money

Solutions for wealth management, superannuation, and insurance also available – in addition to family business advisory

Family Holiday

Family Holiday

Be a family, not just a family business!

As a measure of how seriously we take your quality of life, we even provide a personalised travel consultant and some funding for you to enjoy annual family holidays!

That’s right.

Part of our engagement includes planning and booking (with some funding from us!) an amazing annual family holiday. This ensures that the priorities remain in place, locking in the family time that’s so important to all of us.

The only thing we ask in return is that you share a few of the holiday snaps with us when you get back!

Who is it for?


Families in Business is best suited for owners of businesses with:

  • Employees (not sole traders or where just the owner is involved in the business); and/or
  • A turnover of $2 million or more

Ideally, you are:

  • One family (one or multiple generations) or a group of families who own the business
  • Aspirational and community-minded in outlook
  • Looking to improve financial results
  • Hoping to run a more enjoyable business that balances plenty of quality family time
  • Wanting your success in business to translate to personal financial success and security
Rachael Dere
Director, Rachael Dere Photography (Port Melbourne)

Being a business owner and working hard to hone my own skills in my industry, I don’t have the time to worry about how my money is working for me. I put my trust in Prosper Advisory to help me build my financial future and help me meet my goals. They listen and encourage and provide valuable advice that impacts my decision making. I look forward to a secure financial future

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