Dyan Sisouw
Director, Enviroscope (Mooroolbark, Melbourne)

The Young Millionaires Club has been a great way for me to receive a range of valuable financial services that are specifically targeted to my needs. I love the way the content and tools are tailored only for young professionals and business owners. The proactive advice I receive gives me structure, guidance & goals to strive for. Being a busy business owner who also has a young family, outsourcing my financial management via the Young Millionaires Club saves me time & achieves better results due to expert advice. I would highly recommend their services & the younger you start, the better the results.

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur running your own business or a young executive working in the city, you’re probably too busy to be constantly watching out for your money.

You’ve got the high income. But you know it could be doing more. And you don’t want to waste the opportunity afforded to you in earning so well at such a young age.

To be financially successful, it’s so valuable to surround yourself with top professionals who will educate you and support the achievement of your financial goals.

That’s where we can help.

Why the Young Millionaires Club?

The Young Millionaires Club is a wealth creation and growth program for high-earning 25-45 year olds. It’s designed to create the bedrock for whatever you wish the future to be: lasting wealth, early retirement, the perfect lifestyle – whatever success means to you.

You can look forward to achieving your first million dollars or taking your existing wealth to the next level through a range of advisory services from proven financial professionals

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Who is it for?

Eligibility for the Young Millionaires Club is limited to individuals who:

  • Are ambitious young professionals or business owners aged 25-45
  • Have annual incomes in excess of $120,000 (or $200,000 for a couple)
  • Are targeting their first million dollars of net wealth or want to take existing wealth to the next level
  • Desire ongoing financial and lifestyle improvement
  • Want a structured, professional and supportive way to become a millionaire
  • Want expert guidance on how to grow, protect, invest and enjoy their wealth

If you’re already a millionaire and want to take your wealth to the next level, you’re also welcome aboard!

What happens when you first become a member?

  • After becoming a member of the Young Millionaires Club, you’ll receive:
  • A detailed review of your current situation
  • Assistance in developing your personal financial goals
  • Recommendations for a path to get you from where you are now to millionaire status
  • Implementation of your personalised wealth booster phone app

This stage provides the foundations for your millionaire’s journey and is crucial to ensuring you are in a position to maximise your financial position.

expert guidance

Implementation of a millionaire’s strategy

Now you know where you’re heading, your own personal mentor will provide expert guidance to:

  • Implement recommended strategies to minimise tax and efficiently grow your wealth
  • Agree on and track the achievement of your stated financial and lifestyle goals
  • Setup a portfolio of high-quality global investments
  • Use apps, tools and software that make it easy for you to manage your money
  • Monitor the progress of investments, saving you from having to chase up providers
  • Ensure all necessary actions are taken on your behalf
  • Keep everyone accountable – you included!
  • Review performance regularly and recommend strategy and investment portfolio changes when necessary

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